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Sunday, 03 May 2009

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Welcome to the Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario Web Site

Photo Galleries

Mosaic Photo Galleries

To view photos of past Mosaic events click on the link below

Go to Galleries

NOTE: This link takes you to an external web site.

Mosaic Photo Gallery Submissions

For posting of photos of Mosaic events, please contact Valla Mezei, the Mosaic Photo Site Administrator. She will advise you of the steps necessary regarding uploading of photos you would like added to our photo gallery. Only pictures pertaining to Mosaic events are eligible for this site.

Note: Before submitting photos, please edit them first, and remove any duplicates or pictures that are not clear. The maximum allowable submission of photos is 50.

Please Contact Valla when you have pictures to post or inquiries regarding our website. She would be pleased to assist you.

Have fun!!!!

Please note that the Photo Galleries reside on a public site that is not part of the Mosaic website. Anyone can view them. Neither the Mosaic Webmaster nor the Photo Gallery Administrator take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any images posted in the Photo Galleries.

As a courtesy you should ask fellow Mosaic participants who are in your photos if they agree to having their photos on a public site.

Should you find any images that you feel are objectionable please Contact Valla and let us know of your concerns.



Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario